How fast information about the transfer of charitable funds goes into the institution?

Once the donation is enrolled to any chosen Bank, accounting income in the Fund shall be made within 7 working days. That is, in 7 working days. The Board of Trustees of the institution will be able to "see" these proceeds. Board of Trustees of the educational institution may receive charity fund information on the total amount of earmarked funds received.

Who will decide where and how much to spend funds received?

Questions about the spending of funds are dealt with at the regular meetings of the Board of Trustees. Thus, parents can directly affect the purpose and order the expenditure of charitable funds. The Fund on the basis of the letter of the Board of Trustees performs either payment institution or transfer of funds to accounts, etc.

I heard that fund does not help in all cases. And who decides who to help and why?

We would very much like to help can get all who need it. Unfortunately, we can't help everybody who comes into the Fund. In accordance with the Charter of the Foundation primarily assists in paying for diagnosis and treatment, medicines, medical supplies and equipment to children and young adults (up to 25 years) with cerebral palsy, oncological and oncohematological diseases.

Who pays for advertising of fund?

The Fund never pays its advertising. If you're somewhere and you can see mention of OPEN HEART, this means that the information is available free of charge. We have one project in which made promotional items (posters, stickers, magnets, badges, etc.), is a project to attract blood donors in hospitals, in order to ensure that children could make blood transfusions for children with oncohematologic diseases is It is vitally important.

Who controlls the operations of the Fund?

The Fund annually audit gives all tax reporting, report to the Ministry of Justice on the activities of non-profit organizations, as well as publishes on the site detailed information on all income and charges. Our Board of Trustees constantly receives reports of the Fund and is a guarantee of reliability and honesty.

Who are the volunteers? Do volunteers receive any salary or compensation?

A volunteer is a person who voluntarily and gratuitously helps those who need assistance.

Because volunteerism is voluntary and unselfish assistance, volunteers do not receive for their work nor salaries nor compensations. But consciousness made by own hands good deeds is the best reward.